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Our Inquiry Removal process is very straight-forward and proven to have a high success rate. Our Clients are happy seeing their credit profiles lender-friendly in just a short period of time.

1. The first day we will evaluate the report and list inquiries to remove.
2. The second day we will prepare your Dispute Package and submit to the credit bureaus.
3. In 7-15 days you can expect to see results.

Get started for as low as $750

Inquiry Removal Service done By Real Experts


Everyday, thousands of hopeful applicants get their funding application denied due to accumulated credit inquiries on their credit report. Lenders deem too many credit inquiries on credit report as a red flag which is the reason why they turn down their applications.

To get rid of all accumulated credit inquiries, we offer an effective Credit Inquiry Removal Service that has been tried and tested by hundreds of individuals.


Years Providing Inquiry Removal Service

Our experts have years of experience in providing credit and finance solutions to customers. We’ve mastered every corners of the industry in order to come up with a solution to make inquiry removal faster. 

In 15 days, we can get all credit inquiries remove from your credit report. This is the reason why thousands of individuals trust Credit Leverage Pros’ Inquiry Removal Service.

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James Los Angleles CA

Wow! I was amazed by the quick results for my credit file inquiry’s. I had 12 in total between all 3 bureaus and chose to do the expedited option given to me by Credit Leverage Pro’s. Experian was off in less than 2 days while Transunion was done in 3 days. Equifax took around 10 days in total but overall have not seen any results like this before and I have tried a number of other credit repair companies

Lisa Las Vegas NV
27 inquiries were all deleted in less than 20 days and I am still in complete shock. Austin from Credit Leverage Pro’s told me he could deliver and went way beyond my expectations. My file is as clean as it has ever been. Thank You!

Jason Sacramento CA

I had 9 inquiries on my Experian file in which 7 of them were tied to an auto loan I applied for and did not know it was going to be sent to so many lenders. I was able to get all of the inquiry’s removed that were not tied to that account thanks to Credit Leverage Pro’s.

Amar Roseville CA

After my round of business funding I was told all inquiry’s could be removed and was pleasantly surprised how fast this was accomplished. My file is clean and ready to go into round 2 of funding and its only been 10 days since my last round. You will have a repeat customer out of me. 


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