Credit Analysis done by a Pro


Individual dispute package sent to Bureaus


See progress within 30 days


24-Hours Online Access on your Account


Unlimited Disputes


Fast Proven Results


We’ve designed our Credit Repair process to be simple and yet client-centered, ensuring that you understand key details to achieve optimum results. The roadmap is very clear and we stick to getting you results.

  1. First day client decides if he wants Manual Credit Repair or a Fraud Affidavit Report.
  2. Next 2 days we will evaluate report and list negative items.
  3. The following day your affidavit will be submitted to the credit bureaus.
  4. Within 7-15 days you can expect to see results.
  5. Manual Credit repair can take on average 30-60 days.

Get started for as low as $750

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Amar Roseville CA

I was looking for funding for one of my businesses but I knew i had some issues with my personal file from collections. Credit Levergae Pro’s identified the accounts that needed repair and I had a clean file in less than 35 days. Appreciate the knowledge shared as well.

Kristin Las Vegas NV

 I never knew about 2 of the medical bill collections I had on my file until Austin from Credit Leverage Pro’s showed me there was a credit bureau that did not show on Credit Karma. He told me he could repair that bureau and it would help a lot with my credit score before I refinanced my house. My score went up to over 720 thanks to his help. 

Bryson Nashville TN 

My credit score went up 77 points in less than 10 days after 1 of my negative accounts was removed.

Damon Orange County                   CA

 I have tried 6 credit repair companies over a 3 year period. I had more results with Credit Leverage Pro’s in 3 weeks than a combined 3 years with other company’s.


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